Monday, December 19, 2005

Day 5: Bass and Guitar Tracks

8:32am I arrive on the school grounds. A quick inspection reveals (I feel like I have used those words in a previous blog.... not sure) that the school is inpenetrable. Front doors locked and the usual entrance gated up. So I walk around the outside of the school to the caretaker hangout, where I stand around for the next 5 minutes trying to find the caretaker.
8:44am The caretaker walks past, I interrupt him, ask if he can open up the lagoon for us. He says a contractor is coming in 10 minutes he just needs to sort him out, but after that he will.
9:04am Recieved SMS from Kelly Palmer reading "Lol k ill b there soon"
9:10am Recieved SMS from Kelly Palmer reading "Are u in? Let me in". I walk around the building whilst shouting Greets, and find Kelly waiting at the other entrance. We walk back around to wait in the courtyard for the caretaker.
9:20am Caretaker unlocks for us. Thanks!

And thats when times start to get faint, unmemorable, and fuzzy. So I will continue without respect to chronology.
So we mucked around some, but got pretty much straight into recording bass and guitar for something. As you may have guessed by the pictures, we didn't get that much done today - but it's extremely hard to be motivated at the moment. Kel has a huge job - playing bass, 3-4 guitar tracks, and then having to go home at some stage and mix and master it all for us! Good work Kel. So we did some songs, had some great chair races, got some food, got some more food, recorded some more, then got kicked out at about 3:30, because the caretaker was going home and needed to lock up.
So tomorrow morning we have to record 4 bass and gat trakcs, and pack everything up. :(


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