Monday, December 19, 2005


In The Lagoon Today Recording "Myself" Bass And Guitars.. sounding good. Accept Ive Been Peeing And Pooing All Over The Lagoon N Im A Peice Of Cardboard And Beeped Up Alot Of Dumming.Lol. N Kels Fiunding It Hard To Play Along And Finding It Very Frustrateing .. I Wish We Coulda Had More Time To Get The Drum Tracks Right. They Are Thee Only Thing Thats Bad So Far. "F'ing Tyler Rodden". Kellys The Man. Mean Jimmy Jack Tomkins Is The Man. N Will Keep You Posted Better Then I Have Done. I Just Wanna Make Shure Ya Know Thats If Its Bad. Its My Fault :) ROCKON \m/


James said...

Aw whatever mayn! You are awesome! We wouldnt even be recording if it wasnt for you, lol and we certainly wouldn't have taken out 2nd place at the rockquest. Heh - imagine us recording with me drumming lol :|

10:41 PM  

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