Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Day 6: Hopefully this is the last mother!

That title isn't really true, because it was the last mother, no hopeful about it. But a few people will hopefully get a chuckle out of it if they have heard one of Tripwire's earlier recordings. For other people who have no idea what I'm talking about - just drop it - don't even bother.

I think today was probably the most productive day we have had really - we were in there around 9, Kelly had slept in and woke up with a headache and feeling sick - but that possibly worked to our advantage, because by 1:03pm, Guitar and Bass tracks had been recorded for 5 songs, AND we had taken time out for a lunch break in there somewhere too! Good work Kel! Tyler came in too which was awesome give us some company, and helped us pack down.

So we had to carry everything back to the music room, was tiring.
It was sad... shutting the doors to Lagoon Studio for well... not quite the last time - but very close to it. Felt like the last time.

We took a backup of the recording computer, which is being stored offsite, and a backup of that is also being stored in Non Volatile Storage in a secret location. So if our two primary sites get bombed at the same time - it is nearly certain that our third copy will be in safe hands.

Kelly will now begin the long and painful process of mixdown - so hopefully he might post occasionally and keep us updated with what he is up to and how it is sounding.



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