Thursday, December 14, 2006

Monday, February 27, 2006

Drumkit Recording

I just remembered a couple of crazy facts about the drumkit we used for recording.
  • The snare had an array of holes in the skin, which gave it an interesting sound. Unfortunately it sounded better without the holes, but we couldnt do much to fix that.
  • We used foam pads from microphone boxes to dampen most of the kit, taped onto the toms and snare with cellotape stolen from the Art room.
  • We actually used a computer chair instead of a drum throne for some reason
  • Was recorded in the school graphics room
  • Ok now I am running out of "crazy" facts.
  • For the majority of our songs, the mic on the kick was facing the wrong way, meaning that it picked up all the sound from the rest of the room, but not from the kick itself. Hmmm... It wasn't at all my fault..... :|

Monday, February 20, 2006

Lol it looks like his head is photoshopped on Mark II. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 30, 2006

It's over!

Friday 27th January 2006
Tripwire shuts the doors to the lagoon for the last time...
Marking the end of an era
Never to be forgotten.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


IM GUNNA ..... On The Carpet (... On The Carpet)
IM GUNNA ..... On The Couch (... On The Couch)
IM GUNNA ..... On The Carpet

........... ...........

Thursday, January 26, 2006

It's not over yet!

It's not over yet folks, today Kel is unwell and was unable to attend, so was postponed. We may return tomorrow, if Kel is up to it, so hope he is feeling better sooon!

"Huuuuuh!" - Overwhelmed Posted by Picasa

Vocals Day 2 Summary

Looking at the clock it is now moving into day 3, but I will give you an update on Day 2 vocals.
When me and Kelly first arrived we got straight into Overwhelmed, which was a bad idea really, trying to start from cold into a challenging song (for my voice anyway - but hey, most songs are)

So, we sat down with an acoustic and Condensy Condensen, in the control booth, with the air conditioning turned on, and proceeded to record an acoustic version of Overwhelmed, which didn't sound bad considering we had no rehearsal, just sat down and managed some loverly little harmonies!

Following that, somehow we got onto the idea of covering "Breakfast at Tiffany's" but changing it to Breakfast with Clowndog. So we did. Then Tyler turned up, so it was time for an early lunch break, and to get straight into the stuff we were meant to be doing.

Things went pretty well overall, unfortunately for some reason when recording new tracks the computer was putting them a few miliseconds out of sync, so they all had to be manually synced.
4:43 came, and so did the cleaners, telling us to be out by 5. Unfortunately we only had probably half an hours extra recording to do... but no, they had to lock up, so that meant we have to come in again tomorrow (today) to finish off.

So will update you later, no doubt there will be some sad photos, as Tripwire's final project comes to pass...

as we shut Lagoon Studio's doors for the last time...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Angry Face Posted by Picasa

Lol it looks like his head is photoshopped on Posted by Picasa

Vocals Day 2

I didn't update you on how the vocals went yesterday, because it wasn't good.
One thing we did get out of it, was an ad for LeatherDirect. Based on my "LeatherrrrrrJack" saying, we thought it could be quite funny to make a similar ad, and send it to LeatherDirect.
The hard part, was trying to work out what to say in the ad.
Anyway, to hear it, check out LeatherDirect Ad FirstDraft.
Today, I am currently waiting outside the control room, waiting to find a caretaker to unlock it for us.
Armed with a warm bottle of water, and slightly more sleep (but forgot my wallet so will have to hope I can borrow some money for lunch), lets hope todays session goes better, and lets us knock the mother off!
(Well, after the vox still a lot to do, mastering and duplicating and all sorts.)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Today we hit the lagoon again, to hopefully get down some vocal tracks! Ahhh! My Bit :'(
Will let you know how that goes later on.

Saturday, December 31, 2005


I think I am allowed to announce this now... I hope so - well Coda Records can remove it if they want! But here it is.

Towndog: The Essential
Recorded in our very own Lagoon Studios.
Kelly Palmer on Guitar, Bass and Vocals2, and James Nimmo on Drums and Vocals1.

Friday, December 30, 2005


Tripwire T-Shirts ..... Coming Soon,

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Merry X-mas From The Drummer -Tyski- Have A Good One \m/ ROCKON \m/

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tripwire Site + New Promo Vid

I have yet again changed the face of the Tripwire Website..

The guys down at Coda Records have suprised me yet again, with a promotional video to promote the Tripwire e.p. There is a link to this vid on, So check it out! There is a sneak preview of the new version of Steak And Kidney pie featuring as the soundtrack to the Video, which sounds mint.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Promo Video

The kind folks down at Coda Records have been busy assembling footage from todays recording session and have already released a video for us! So check it out

Please select your quality preference:
Dialup (760KB)
Broadband (1.20MB) (recommended)

Day 6: Hopefully this is the last mother!

That title isn't really true, because it was the last mother, no hopeful about it. But a few people will hopefully get a chuckle out of it if they have heard one of Tripwire's earlier recordings. For other people who have no idea what I'm talking about - just drop it - don't even bother.

I think today was probably the most productive day we have had really - we were in there around 9, Kelly had slept in and woke up with a headache and feeling sick - but that possibly worked to our advantage, because by 1:03pm, Guitar and Bass tracks had been recorded for 5 songs, AND we had taken time out for a lunch break in there somewhere too! Good work Kel! Tyler came in too which was awesome give us some company, and helped us pack down.

So we had to carry everything back to the music room, was tiring.
It was sad... shutting the doors to Lagoon Studio for well... not quite the last time - but very close to it. Felt like the last time.

We took a backup of the recording computer, which is being stored offsite, and a backup of that is also being stored in Non Volatile Storage in a secret location. So if our two primary sites get bombed at the same time - it is nearly certain that our third copy will be in safe hands.

Kelly will now begin the long and painful process of mixdown - so hopefully he might post occasionally and keep us updated with what he is up to and how it is sounding.


His other pants are leather Posted by Picasa

Last of the drumkit Posted by Picasa

Stressy Stessinson Posted by Picasa

DI Dison again - just a cool pic Posted by Picasa

Songlist - crossed out means drum tracks done, two ticks means guitar and bass done. We forgot to tick off Let It Be. Posted by Picasa

Jay-amous mounting the monitors back on the wall Posted by Picasa

Meet the family: Marshy Marshall - which was solely used for our distortion, because its speaker doesn't work properly. So the guitar went in the front, out of the rear line out, into DI Dison, out of DI Dison into the bass amp, where it was picked up by Condensy Condensen, and the Inst Mic, and also DI Dison - so each Guitar and Bass line we had 3 channels for. Posted by Picasa

Channel list - we didn't have any masking tape to write the channel names on the mixer, so resorted to DOP (Dirty Old Paper) Posted by Picasa

Meet the family: Bassy Bassamp (Donated to the school by Tripwire - well - they paid for half of it and the school paid the rest. With our rockshop voucher from the rockquest) Posted by Picasa

Headphone Amp Posted by Picasa

Meet the family: Snakey Snakeson - played a vital role in recording. Couldn't have done it without you Snakey. Posted by Picasa

Meet the family: Tyski Tyskinson. No - Just Tyski. Also known as Tyler Rodden, Master Rodden, or Mr Rodden - or Duckbreath - just a few of the names he has been called over the period of recording. (Dont forget to pronounce period like Pico) Posted by Picasa

Meet the family: Wingy Wingnut (Look - I know its not a wingnut but ssshh) Posted by Picasa

Meet the family: D.I. Dison Posted by Picasa

Meet the family: Condensy Condensen Posted by Picasa

Making a mega mic stand - which we found was great for drum vocals Posted by Picasa

Oi! Oi! Oi! Posted by Picasa

A popped $2 shop stress ball, which found its way onto James' head, and many other objects throughout the day. Was great stress releif. Posted by Picasa

Kel on the drums... waiting for me to set up the next tracks on one of the songs, whilst I was taking photos of him. Posted by Picasa

Sadly Seeing The Tripwires Sun Set

The Day Has Come To Pass On A Memeory, The Day Has Come To Step Aside, As We (Tripwire) Put The Last Together We Become Not One No More We Devide

It's over

All drum, bass and gat tracks haave been completed, and are now awaiting mixdown. So over the Christmas break while everyone else is enjoying the sun and whatnot Kel will be hard at work, mixing down a draft instrument mix for us so early next year we can cruise in and do vocals. Now, its time to pack up :(
Wow we are on a roll! We have already done Evil Of You, Rage against the Wheelbarow, Blue and Gold, and Heartsick, leaving just Let It Be.

Evil Of You

Siiiick, have just finished recording Evil of You (Drum, Bass, and Guitar tracks anyway) which leaves us with Guitar and bass to do for "Rage Against The Wheelbarrow", "Blue & Gold", "Let It Be", and "Heartsick" today, and then pack everything up. Then we will return early next year to record the vocal tracks after a draft intrumental mixdown by Mr K D Palmer.

Click on the picture to watch the video of Chair Racing (591KB .wmv)
No chairs were harmed in the making of this feature presentation