Thursday, January 26, 2006

Vocals Day 2 Summary

Looking at the clock it is now moving into day 3, but I will give you an update on Day 2 vocals.
When me and Kelly first arrived we got straight into Overwhelmed, which was a bad idea really, trying to start from cold into a challenging song (for my voice anyway - but hey, most songs are)

So, we sat down with an acoustic and Condensy Condensen, in the control booth, with the air conditioning turned on, and proceeded to record an acoustic version of Overwhelmed, which didn't sound bad considering we had no rehearsal, just sat down and managed some loverly little harmonies!

Following that, somehow we got onto the idea of covering "Breakfast at Tiffany's" but changing it to Breakfast with Clowndog. So we did. Then Tyler turned up, so it was time for an early lunch break, and to get straight into the stuff we were meant to be doing.

Things went pretty well overall, unfortunately for some reason when recording new tracks the computer was putting them a few miliseconds out of sync, so they all had to be manually synced.
4:43 came, and so did the cleaners, telling us to be out by 5. Unfortunately we only had probably half an hours extra recording to do... but no, they had to lock up, so that meant we have to come in again tomorrow (today) to finish off.

So will update you later, no doubt there will be some sad photos, as Tripwire's final project comes to pass...

as we shut Lagoon Studio's doors for the last time...


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