Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Vocals Day 2

I didn't update you on how the vocals went yesterday, because it wasn't good.
One thing we did get out of it, was an ad for LeatherDirect. Based on my "LeatherrrrrrJack" saying, we thought it could be quite funny to make a similar ad, and send it to LeatherDirect.
The hard part, was trying to work out what to say in the ad.
Anyway, to hear it, check out LeatherDirect Ad FirstDraft.
Today, I am currently waiting outside the control room, waiting to find a caretaker to unlock it for us.
Armed with a warm bottle of water, and slightly more sleep (but forgot my wallet so will have to hope I can borrow some money for lunch), lets hope todays session goes better, and lets us knock the mother off!
(Well, after the vox still a lot to do, mastering and duplicating and all sorts.)


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