Monday, February 27, 2006

Drumkit Recording

I just remembered a couple of crazy facts about the drumkit we used for recording.
  • The snare had an array of holes in the skin, which gave it an interesting sound. Unfortunately it sounded better without the holes, but we couldnt do much to fix that.
  • We used foam pads from microphone boxes to dampen most of the kit, taped onto the toms and snare with cellotape stolen from the Art room.
  • We actually used a computer chair instead of a drum throne for some reason
  • Was recorded in the school graphics room
  • Ok now I am running out of "crazy" facts.
  • For the majority of our songs, the mic on the kick was facing the wrong way, meaning that it picked up all the sound from the rest of the room, but not from the kick itself. Hmmm... It wasn't at all my fault..... :|